Whatever. Anything. Always

Whatever. Anything. Always Sooo... Chuck and Sarah own my heart and soul. seriously.

Total TV Shipper, but imho Chuck and Sarah are better than Ross and Rachel, Kate and Jack, Brennan and Booth, Castle and Beckett, and Lucas and Peyton all combined and multiplied by a thousand.

That is seriously the only way I can accurately describe the awesomeness that is Chuck and Sarah.

Chuck and Sarah + ‘love’

8 gifs - Chuck vs the Suburbs

I think I found the one

I think I found the one

sorry I haven’t been posting anything lately guys, I’ve been kinda sick and incapable of sitting at my  computer for any length of time :(

and now i’m going away for a month… but I will be back, despite the fact that after the next four episodes Chuck won’t be.

what. the. chuck.